SESSION 6, Enabling technologies

28 sept 2010
14:30 - 15:30

SESSION 6, Enabling technologies


Because we are going to continue using oil, gas, and coal during the transition, and because their combustion produces large quantities of CO2, we must do everything we can to control these emissions and combat the predicted climate change. IFPNewEnergy is strongly committed to the search for new technologies for the capture, transport, and storage of CO2.

Developing other energy sources

There is no miracle solution: bioresources, fuel/electricity hybridization, synfuels, hydrogen, etc. These different approaches must all be explored. Some are ready today, while others will take longer because of the technological obstacles that remain to be overcome. The challenge is to develop advanced technologies using less energy for producing the consumption goods for human needs. Copying the optimization of energy use that nature has developed is a nice way of thinking the conversion.