OPENING SESSION – CO2: The context

25 sept 2014
09:30 - 10:25

OPENING SESSION – CO2: The context

Carbon capture is an important element in any scenario that would bring the atmospheric concentration of CO2 into the range of the recommended 450 ppm ceiling for an acceptable climate risk.

So far the obvious destinations of captured CO2 are enhanced oil recovery and geological storage. This Forum explores the progress in diverse approaches to a third pathway: chemical revalorization.

The carbon in CO2 could become the backbone of valuable chemicals with vast markets, fuels in particular. But breaking the carbon-oxygen bonds requires energy. To what extent could the resulting chemicals store and transport renewable forms of energy while replacing the chemicals produced from fossil carbon? Could they even facilitate a rapid deployment of wind and solar energies while recycling CO2 emissions and helping to decarbonize our economy?

What are the technology and economic bottlenecks? Which policy initiatives could accelerate this pathway for a large-scale circular CO2 – renewable energy system?