Mineral carbonation for CO2 Storage

27 sept 2010
15:00 - 15:30

Mineral carbonation for CO2 Storage

Early action is imperative to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and to prevent aggravation of economic costs.  Although policies and economic incentives are needed, rapid implementation of technological developments are crucial to tackle climate change.

Mineral sequestration is a promising strategy to permanently and safely store anthropogenic generated CO2 in solid carbonates. The principle of mineral sequestration includes the formation of solid carbonates that are stable over geological times, as these processes mimic the naturally occurring weathering of rocks to form stable carbonates.  Consequently, legacy issues for future generations and the need for monitoring are thereby minimised as well as the risk of any accidental release of stored CO2

Mineral sequestration has therefore the potential to overcome the contentious integrity challenge of CO2 geological storage.  This presentation will present the current status of the mineral sequestration technology.

The advantages of this technology will be discussed, including vast storage capacity, permanent storage and the fact that mineralisation is exothermic. However, mineral sequestration also faces many problems such as slow kinetics, and energy intensive pre-treatment processes. This presentation will cover how some these barriers have been overcome and the advances made to deploy widely this technology.