Industrial potential of CO2 utilization: scale-up and opportunity assessment

25 sept 2014
14:35 - 14:50

Industrial potential of CO2 utilization: scale-up and opportunity assessment

IDEEL was born out of the French national ITE (Institute for the Energy Transition) program and created by a private/public consortium in the field of Energy, Environment and Chemistry (GDF SUEZ, SUEZ Environnement, Arkema, Solvay, IFPEN, PEP, CNRS, Lyon University).

IDEEL develops the eco-efficient factory of tomorrow through 10 research programs, which range from Biomaterials to Recycling and include Simulation, Industrial Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment. Among them, the CO2 utilisation program matches 2 goals of IDEEL: recycling industrial emissions and substituting carbon-based energy or materials with renewables.

IDEEL’s CO2 utilisation program is based on two complementary approaches. On one hand, IDEEL works on the technical feasibility of different CO2 conversion processes, taking technologies and processes which have been proven on a laboratory scale and testing them in pre-industrial conditions: higher volumes, synthetic polluted CO2. On the other hand, IDEEL assesses the economic and environmental potential of these processes, taking into account both the process description and the characteristics of real CO2 emissions.

In addition to IDEEL’s internal work, two French collaborative projects have started in 2014: ADEME project Valorco and FUI project ValCO2 II where IDEEL works side to side with its shareholders IFPEN and Solvay. In the next months, IDEEL is going to launch the French Observatory of industrial CO2 emissions and prepare the scale-up laboratories.