Electrochemical conversion of CO2

27 sept 2010
16:30 - 17:00

Electrochemical conversion of CO2

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is considered as the main contributor to Global Warming due to energy-related activities, industrial processes and waste combustion.

Although the development of CO2 capture and secure sequestration technologies is receiving considerable attention, there are also opportunities for its conversion into useful synthetic chemicals as it is an abundant resource.

Different ways to reduce CO2 have been investigated, such as chemical, thermochemical, photochemical, biochemical and electrochemical procedures. This presentation will focus on the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide and will first review the different parameters affecting the selectivity towards the main chemicals produced, such as the reaction medium, the metals used as electrodes and the electro-catalytic mechanism of CO2 reduction.

In a second part the question of efficiency of the CO2 electrochemical transformation will be addressed. It will be shown that several conditions must be satisfied to ensure a valuable and viable electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide.