CO2 Forum, 3rd edition
2014, Poster

Scheiner David : Converting CO2 and H2O into syngas using high temperature heat

David Scheiner
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NewCO2Fuels (NCF) is developing an innovative, high efficiency, self-sufficient system to produce fuel from CO2 and renewable energy. The core technology is a high temperature driven process that dissociates CO2 and water to produce syngas (mixture of CO and H2), from which different synthetic fuels can be produced. The 40% overall efficiency, from the thermal energy at the input of the system to the chemical energy in the Syngas, is the basis for this economically attractive solution. The system comprises of innovative reactors, power generation, buffers, gas conditioning and advanced control means.

NCF system can significantly help energy intensive industry to reduce CO2 emission by using the industry’s excess heat and providing a highly profitable fuel. The produced syngas can directly be used by the steel industry or further converted to many types of fuels or chemicals.

2014 - Scheiner David - converting co2 and h2o into syngas_schema

Figure 1. NCF product, feedstock, heat sources and markets

To date, NCF has constructed and successfully tested a small scale prototype to demonstrate the viability of the technology and its commercial attractiveness.

Since initial tests in 2010 at the laboratories of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel the dissociation rate of the NCF system has increased in a single apparatus by a factor of 800 and the cost was reduced by a factor of 34. This performance was reached when conducting continuous tests over hundreds of hours’ proof of concept setup simulating the excess heat configuration from high intensity industries, producing CO at the rate of ~10Kg/day.

Independent assessment of the technology by WorleyParsons in September 2013 confirms the high standard to which the prototypes have been designed, engineered and installed, with successful initial proving trials of the excess heat source configuration.

An MOU was signed during Q1 2014 with one of the world’s largest steel making companies and two international engineering firms to set up a pilot to demonstrate NCF’s system integration with the steel industry where the required heat for the process will be extracted from excess heat source on the facility.