Co2 Forum 3rd edition
2014, Poster

Parajuli Rishi : Electrochemical Production of Multi-Carbon Organic Chemicals from CO2

Rishi Parajuli (1), Emily Cole (1), Narayanappa Sivasankar (1), Alex Bauer (1), Paul Majsztrik (1), Jerry Kaczur (1), Kyle Teamey (1), Ashby Rice (1)
1) Liquid Light, Inc., 11 Deerpark Drive, Suite 121, Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
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Selective and efficient conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) to useful chemicals presents both the potential for new, advantaged processes to the mainstream chemical industry and for environmental benefits. Research and development work at Liquid Light, Inc. has shown carbon dioxide can be converted to various C1-C4 organic chemicals and fuels. Presently, our efforts focus on developing industrially viable electrochemical systems for the conversion of CO2 to commodity chemicals. Liquid Light’s first commercial process in development is for the production of ethylene glycol (MEG), and the technology has been assessed as applicable to 60 chemicals, including propylene, isopropanol, methyl-methacrylate and acetic acid.   Through materials selection and control of cell conditions, we have developed electrochemical systems for selective production of intermediate chemicals to various end products of interest. Faradaic efficiencies up to 90% for such chemicals have been sustained at ambient temperature and pressure. In addition, we have developed the ability to co-produce more than one chemical of interest, utilizing the throughput of our electrochemical reactors by making anodic co-products other than oxygen. We will present data that supports the potential for an economically-advantaged MEG process (versus best available technology) based on recent advances in our CO2 conversion technology.