Co2 Forum 3rd edition
2014, Poster

Panchal C.B. : Conversion of Captured Carbon Dioxide to Value-Added Alkyl Carbonates using Reactive Distillation Process

  1. B. Panchal, John C. Prindle, Richard D. Doctor and Ajay Madgavkar

            E3Tec Service, LLC, Clarksville, MD, 21029, USA

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Rapidly expanding global market of alkyl carbonates provides a major opportunity for an effective utilization of captured CO2 for manufacturing commodity chemicals.  E3Tec has developed a heat-integrated reactive distillation (HIRD) process using side reactors for converting captured CO2 to a high-value product dimethyl carbonate (DMC).  More than twice the amount of CO2 is converted into DMC than is generated by energy utilization in the process, thus resulting in significant net CO2 sequestration to high-value products.  If successfully developed, it can replace phosgene-based and oxidation based DMC processes.  E3Tec recently received a CCEMC Grant, Alberta, Canada for further development of this process leading to commercialization.  The technology can readily be extended to production of other alkyl carbonates using captured CO2. This market-driven  process development focuses on: a) industrial commodity chemicals with large demand, growth, and high-value product for favorable economics of capturing and utilizing CO2 as chemical feedstock; b) production of alkyl carbonates as intermediate chemicals for production of polycarbonate; c) DMC with potential applications as an electrolyte solvent for Lithium-Ion batteries; d) DMC and derived products as industrial solvents; e) potential fuel additives, specifically as diesel additive; and f) HIRD for next generation manufacturing processes with high-level of process intensification at low capital expenses (CAPEX) and high energy efficiency.