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What we believe in ?

CO2 chemical and biochemical recycling is a desirable environmental solution and a viable business and research opportunity. The CO2 Forum aims at reinforcing such position by bringing together relevant policy orienters, corporate business, and academia researchers in an open 2-day conference for an update on three main topics:

  • Current policy and environmental context (CO2 taxation, CO2 regulation, socio economic analyses)
  • Business opportunity (“negative cost” chemical)
  • Scientific and technologic innovation with sustainable energy source.


Sustainability requires that anthropogenic over-production of CO2 should be recycled as much as possible to useful and harmless products. Science is therefore confronted to this challenge: transform this stable molecule into useful and safe products with energy from sustainable sources.

This requires chemical, bio-engineering, and process innovations. These innovative solutions will be facilitated by frequent interdisciplinary exchanges at the highest scientific and technological level.

In this context, the Sustainable Development Chair of CPE Lyon organizes the biennial CO2 forum on the subject by bringing together:

  • Policy orienters and scientific experts (academia and industry)  in CO2 utilization
  • Pioneers in chemical and biochemical science and engineering
  • Specialists in sustainable energy sources.

This regular forum intends to complement the ongoing efforts around the mitigation of CO2 emission and CO2 capture and storage.