2016 CO2 forum

Sept 15th, 2016, in Sheffield (U.K.) in conjunction with ICCDU

The  2016 event will take place in Sheffield (U.K.), in conjunction  with the next edition of the  » ICCDU- International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilisation » (Sept. 2016, 11th-15th).

 The 1-day  CO2Forum will take place Thrursday 15th. 


Download the Program here CO2Forum2016 



The morning sessions on :

Carbon Dioxide Utilization Deployment : an Industrial Reality”

Session 1-  Update on ongoing LARGE SCALE  Industrial CDU deployment  : part 1 Materials

Session 2-  Update on ongoing LARGE SCALE Industrial CDU deployment  : part 2 fuels and more

 will be held in conjuction with the ICDDU (registration here  for monday-to-thursday morning). Attendance possible also on thursday only   (registration here)


In the afternoon,  the round tables :

« Impacts, Policies And Strategies of Carbon Dioxide Utilization »

Session 3 – Global Economy and Climate Targets

Session 4 :   Identified gaps, Policies and Future-looking Strategies  

 are organized in conjuction with the CO2 chem network