2010 CO2 forum

CO2 Forum in 2010, 1st edition

Foreword to the CO2 Forum 1st edition 

by C. Fussler and A. Quadrelli, conference chair :


“ Welcome to the 2010 International Scientific Forum on CO2 chemistry and biochemistry.

The programme theme for this 1st edition is “Large-volume CO2 Recycling to Fuels and Materials

At the source of this initiative stands our common notion that sustainability requires that anthropogenic overproduction of CO2 be recycled, as much as possible, to useful and harmless products.

This belief naturally translates into a set of questions, complex questions:

What safe, existing or novel, carbon-based chemicals with large markets could reabsorb the carbon mobilised from fossil fuels, consumed for heat and energy, transformed into its dioxide and released into ever more alarming volumes into the atmosphere?

How could the stable carbon-oxygen bonds be opened without burning again fossil carbon?

While there is a lot of work and discussion about capturing and storing CO2 from large emitting facilities, would an industrial capture and recycling step not make more sense in direct connection to the emitting facilities?

How will the increasing costs to emit CO2 as well as the peaking crude oil supplies influence the affordable costs of CO2 recycling?

The Forum has attracted most of the best experts in the fields associated to these complex questions. It will thus review the latest chemical, bio-engineering, and process innovations through 18 leading keynote presentations in 7 session panels and 5 round-table debates.

The participants represent a spectrum of more than 20 countries. We expect the format to enable a high degree of dialog and foster interdisciplinary synergy between the various session themes:

The larger context of climate mitigation and CO2 capture;

Materials, Chemicals and Polymers ;


Bio-routes for CO conversions;

Sustainable energy sources and white biotechs.

Above all we count on the commitment and creativity of all participants and speakers to inform and foster the dynamics of innovation and the attention to public policies in support of the CO2 revalorisation options.

Enjoy the Forum! May you leave Lyon with a rich harvest of ideas and new contacts! ”

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